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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Joel Frederiksen and Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Winner of the German Prize
"ECHO Klassik 2013"

Requiem for a Pink Moon
(harmonia mundi)

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One more year of Our Concert Series !

The new season of our concerts serie Between Mars and Venus is already planned! Four great programs, new artists and venues...

Please look at Concert Series menu for more information. Hope you can join us!


Great Concert in Bad Arolsen

A good review of our concert at the Baroque Festival in Bad Arolsen

"Was für ein Bass! Joel Frederiksen, der amerikanische Sänger und Lautenspieler, tummelte sich am Freitag bei seinem Konzert im Steinernen Saal des Bad Arolser Schlosses mit Vorliebe unterhalb des großen F, da wo auch tiefen Bässen gelegentlich die Töne ausgehen. Zusammen mit dem Theorbenspieler Axel Wolf leistete er einen originellen Beitrag zum Festspielthema römische Musik.

Battaglia - der Kampf zwischen himmlichen und luziferischen Mächten (...)"

Lesen Sie weiter unter: http://www.hna.de/kultur/tiefe-toene-joel-frederiksen-arolsen-2935623.html



 "CD of the Day" in ORF: Requiem for Pink Moon

Austrian Radio (13.03.2013)

Read more HERE

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"Thanks for the wonderful concert!"

Masters of Song: John Dowland and Franz Schubert

Renaissance meets Romantic   Thursday, 21. 2. 2013

...That was the phrase heard most often after the concert with Damme Emma Kirkby, Michal Gondko, Domen Marincic and Joel Frederiksen. "At once the centuries melted together; suddenly we were in England in 1600 and, at the same time, in Wien in 1820. (...) The concept of the Program seemed simple: John Dowland meets Franz Schubert. The piano-part played by romantic guitar and cello was here a work of art. And the high point - in spite of a captivating Ständchen and Tod und das Mädchen - was the a capella duet Der Schnee zerrinnt with the soprano voice of Emma Kirkby and the deep bass of Joel Frederiksen in perfect vibrancy." - Thomas Willmann MÜNCHNER MERKUR 24.02.2013


"It's the real deal. Frederiksen sings both beautifully and unselfconsciously, but what makes this recording one of the
most affecting I have heard in years is that the interleaving of Drake's songs with Elizabethan laments and parts of a
Gregorian-chant Requiem Mass makes such a powerful connection to the universal human experiences of loss and grief, and not just to a particular artist. Buy one for yourself, and buy several to give as gifts." - STEREOPHILE (12/12)

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First great Reviews of our new album Requiem for a Pink Moon!

 "Every once in awhile there’s a perfect confluence of concept, repertoire and performance in the recording studio, and a kind of miracle occurs. Joel Frederiksen and his Ensemble Phoenix Munich have given us just such a miracle with Requiem for a Pink Moon. This unusual album presents the songs of the ’70s era English folk-rocker Nick Drake, accompanied on baroque instruments and juxtaposed with Elizabethan music. The concept works brilliantly and the music will haunt you..."
Craig Zeichner, Ariama. May 21, 2012  -- READ MORE

"...I seriously doubt that I will hear another recording this year which will come close to matching the power and grace Requiem for a Pink Moon. In my opening sentence I called this a “nearly flawless recording.” I should remove the qualifier, for if there is such a thing as a flawless album, this Requiem is certainly it."
Greg Barbrick, Blog Critics -- READ MORE

 "A baroque bass singer pays tribute, Tudor style to the short-lived pop balladeer Nick Drake, who killed himself in 1974. Captivating and sincere, Frederiksen never strays near to pastiche or kitsch: this is an exhilarating re-imagination in a period adaptation of uncanny aptness. Not to be missed".
Norman Lebrecht, Open Letters Monthly -- READ MORE

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New CD to be released worldwide in May 2012:

Requiem for a Pink Moon
An Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake

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Joel Frederiksen ROSE OF SHARON has landed on AMAZON.com list of TOP 20 BEST CLASSICAL ALBUMS 2011!


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Top 10 Billboard Chart

#8 Debut / August 27, 2011


#3 Best of 2011...so far


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