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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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foto - Joel Frederiksen
Joel Frederiksen
artistic director, bass and lutes
foto - Bernd Oliver Fröhlich
Bernd Oliver Fröhlich
tenor, saxophone
foto - Kamila Mazalová
Kamila Mazalová
mezzosoprano / alto
foto - Petra Noskaiová
Petra Noskaiová
foto - Bruno Caillat
Bruno Caillat
foto - Michal Gondko
Michal Gondko
lute, romantic guitar
foto - Domen Marincic
Domen Marincic
viola da gamba, violoncello
foto - Sven Schwannberger
Sven Schwannberger
lute, theorbo, flute, recorder, tenor
foto - Karen Walthinsen
Karen Walthinsen
Baroque violin
foto - Axel Wolf
Axel Wolf
lute, archlute, theorbo
foto - Sabine Lutzenberger
Sabine Lutzenberger


Sabine Lutzenberger is a pioneer in the field of medieval song. She first acquired her reputation as a long-standing and influential member of the Augsburg Early Music Ensemble. She also worked with Mala Punica in Italy and since 2001 has been a member of the Huelgas Ensemble in Belgium. Important influences for her work were studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, and her collaboration with musicians such as Pedro Memelsdorff and Paul van Nevel. Her repertoire ranges from the medieval to the contemporary, and her numerous CD recordings bear witness to her outstanding qualities as a singer. Sabine Lutzenberger sings regularly at international festivals of early and of contemporary music. In 2006 she performed contemporary works at the 4020 Linz and Vienna Modern festivals, and in 2007 appeared in concerts with the Klangforum Wien throughout Europe, including Weimar, Vienna, Venice and Portugal. In 2009 came a CD release of Bernhard Lang’s Die Sterne des Hungers, with Sylvain Chambrelain and the Klangforum Wien for the label Kairos, and 2010 brought a performance of music by Anton Webern with the Ensemble REMIX and Peter Rundel in Porto.