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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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foto - Joel Frederiksen
Joel Frederiksen
artistic director, bass and lutes
foto - Bernd Oliver Fröhlich
Bernd Oliver Fröhlich
tenor, saxophone
foto - Kamila Mazalová
Kamila Mazalová
mezzosoprano / alto
foto - Petra Noskaiová
Petra Noskaiová
foto - Bruno Caillat
Bruno Caillat
foto - Michal Gondko
Michal Gondko
lute, romantic guitar
foto - Domen Marincic
Domen Marincic
viola da gamba, violoncello
foto - Sven Schwannberger
Sven Schwannberger
lute, theorbo, flute, recorder, tenor
foto - Karen Walthinsen
Karen Walthinsen
Baroque violin
foto - Axel Wolf
Axel Wolf
lute, archlute, theorbo
foto - Bruno Caillat
Bruno Caillat


After having studied in the Paris Ecole Normale de Musique, he studied Persian percussion instruments/drums with Djamchid Chemirani who puts him in charge of his zarb class in the Oriental Music Study Centre (Sorbonne University, Paris) in 1978. He learnt to play different central Asian and Arabic tambourines as well as drums/percussion instrument from northern (tabla) and southern (mridangan, kanjira and ghatam) India.

His concerts embrace a large variety of music styles such as traditional Persian, Turkish and Indian music as well as early occidental/medieval and Renaissance music. He thus accompanies eminent musicians such as D. Talas and D. Safvat, Ram Narayan; he has been part of the Kudsi Erguner Ensemble since 1994 and of the Doulce Memoire Ensemble since 1993. He also collaborates to medieval music ensembles such as Alla Francesca, Allegorie, Faenza, Tempus.