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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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CD cover - Tell me true love
Tell me true love

Joel Frederiksen - Dowland 

Sony Music / DHM

CD cover - Requiem for a Pink Moon
Requiem for a Pink Moon

Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake (1948-74)
harmonia mundi HMC 902111 

CD cover - Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

100 Years of American Music
 harmonia mundi HMC 902085

CD cover - The Elfin Knight
The Elfin Knight

Ballads and Dances
harmonia mundi HMC 901983

CD cover - Orpheus, I am
Orpheus, I am

English, French and Italian music of the Renaissance and Baroque
EPM Productions 2003

CD cover - DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE
DVD Joel Frederiksen: LIVE

Italian virtuoso music of early Baroque
Dvorak Artists International

CD cover - O felice morire
O felice morire

Firenze 1600
harmonia mundi HMC 901999

CD cover - The Elfin Knight

The Elfin Knight

Ballads and Dances
harmonia mundi HMC 901983

This innovative CD presents a combination of ballads in their original form and arrangements by major composers of the Renaissance including John Dowland and Thomas Ravenscroft. These arrangements have been further adapted and “re-arranged” by Joel Frederiksen to form an entirely new program. There are humorous ballads with erotic themes such as “Watkin’s Ale” as well as songs of everlasting and sometimes tragic love, as in “Barbara Ellen”. A song called “London’s Lotterie” advertises for people to move from the Old World to the New, while “Lord Darly” tells the story of the fate of the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. A fresh look at the art of balladry and Renaissance music. 

Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Timothy Leigh Evans - tenor, percussion
Domen Marincic - viola da gamba
Sven Schwannberger - countertenor, flutes, theorbo, lute
Sascha Gotowtschikow - percussion
Helmut Weigl - colachon, theorbo

Joel Frederiksen - bass, lute, artistic direction


Reviews of CD >>
Tr.TitleComposer (Year)TimeDownload (MP3)
1.Whittingham Faire (The Elfin Knight) Anonymous 2:45 MP3 (470kB) 
2.Walsingham Anonymous 2:37 MP3 (470kB) 
3.Greensleeves Anonymous 3:26 MP3 (470kB) 
4.Go from my window Anonymous 2:06  
5.Go from my window John Dowland 1:27  
6.Lord Darly Renaissance Ballad 6:55 MP3 (470kB) 
7.Fortune, my foe Anonymous 6:48  
8.My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home John Dowland 1:28  
9.Farewell, adieu that courtly life Anonymous 2:06  
10.Brave Lord Willoughby Anonymous 5:10  
11.Yonder comes a courteous Knight Thomas Ravenscroft 5:48  
12.La bouree Nicolas Vallet 0:30  
13.Willie O'Winsbury Anonymous 5:44  
14.Gigue Rowallen Lute Book 0:42  
15.The Lover's Tasks (The Elfin Knight) Anonymous 1:02  
16.Farewell, lovely Nancy Anonymous 2:59  
17.Watkin's Ale Anonymous 5:34  
18.London's Lotterie Anonymous 2:57  
19.Barbara Ellen Anonymous 7:25  
20.Untitled and Corne yairds Renaissance Tunes 2:20 MP3 (470kB) 
21.Ane Scottis Dance Rowallen Lute Book 0:51  
22.London Anonymous 3:50  
23.Scarborough Faire (The Elfin Knight) Anonymous 4:03 MP3 (470kB)