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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Between Mars and Venus XI: 2017/2018

The new season of "Between Mars and Venus XI"

Thanks for their support to: Bavarian National Museum, Hans Thomann-Stiftung, Czech Centre Munich, and Czech Ministry of Culture.




1) Tell me true love – Songs and instrumental works by John Dowland

The newest CD Album of Ensemble Phoenix Munich with SONY!

Sunday, 15 October 2017 
 11:00 noon: pre-concert lecture with Dr. Christian Kelnberger
 12:00 noon: CONCERT
 Mars-Venus-Saal / Bavarian National Museum (Prinzregentenstrasse 3, 80538 Munich)

Musicians: Joel Frederiksen (Bass, Lute, Direction), Ziv Braha (Lute), Ryosuke Sakamoto (Lute, Viola da Gamba), Alexandra Polin (Viola da Gamba), Elizabeth Rumsey (Viola da Gamba), Domen Marincic (Viola da Gamba).

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2) Vom Himmel hoch – A Reformation program in cooperation with EnsemblePerSonat

Sunday, 10 December 2017 
 10:30 am: guided tour through the exhibition of Nativity Scenes
 12:00 noon: CONCERT
 Mars-Venus-Saal / Bavarian National Museum (Prinzregentenstrasse 3, 80538 Munich)

Musicians: Sabine Lutzenberger (Soprano, Recorder), Joel Frederiksen (Bass, Lute), Elizabeth Rumsey (Viola da Gamba, Lirone), Marc Lewon (Lute). 

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2) The Flaming Fire – English, Scottish and Irish Songs to the theme of Fire

With Hille und Marthe Perl!

Thursday, 8 February 2018 
 19:00 am: pre-concert lecture with Hille Perl and Joel Frederiksen
 20:00 noon: CONCERT
 Mars-Venus-Saal / Bavarian National Museum (Prinzregentenstrasse 3, 80538 Munich)

Musicians: Timothy Leigh Evans (Tenor), Joel Frederiksen (Bass, Lute, Archlute), Hille Perl (Viola da Gamba), Marthe Perl (Viola da Gamba).

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4) Amor und die Zeit – German Baroque Music by A. Hammerschmidt and G.P.Telemann

Thursday, 3 May 2018 
 19:00 pm: pre-concert lecture
 20:00 pm: CONCERT
 Mars-Venus-Saal / Bavarian National Museum (Prinzregentenstrasse 3, 80538 Munich)

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SOLO Concerts

Experience one artist in one repertoire... Solo.
7:30 pm Museum Tour, 8:30 pm Concert, 9:30 pm Reception

Bavarian National Museum (Prinzregentenstrasse 3, 80538 Munich)

1) HAMELN ANNO 1284 - Flute music from the Middle Ages

Thursday, 2 November 2017
 7:30 pm: guided tour through a specific exhibition of the Bavarian National Museum
 8:30 pm: CONCERT
 9:30 pm: Reception

Norbert Rodenkirchen (Flutes), Joel Frederiksen (Reading)

For more information about the preceding concerts, please, see our calendar.



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