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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Orpheus, I am 1. 1. 2009

A beautifully soft, velvety voice of Joel Frederiksen is considered one of the deepest voices in the world. He can express with the ornaments of tones the heartbeat and the vibration of his thoughts. He sings in a meditative, sensitive and sophisticated way.

Xantypa Magazine, Anna Serych

The Extreme Virtuosity: the Bass Joel Frederiksen 1. 8. 2008

CD "O felice morire"


HM Magazin
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Joel Frederiksen, a Singer with a Mahagonny Timbre of a Voice 1. 7. 2006

My aim is to influence the feelings of the listeners. When I sing or interpret a song, I am using everything in my voice and lute to be expressive and merge with the music.


HARMONIE, Magdalena Dvorakova
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