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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Orpheus, I am

Based on the solo CD, “Orpheus, I am”, which has received remarkable international critical acclaim

A fascinating excursion into the world of English, French, and Italian music from the Renaissance to the early Baroque. Songs that touch on deeply important topics of human life, then and now – from love and war to the praise of tobacco! From the opening song, „Orpheus, I am“, by Robert Johnson, which takes the bass to the fiery deeps on the word „Hell“, and delivers a warning to unwary lovers on the dangers of love, the mood is set. Virtuosic art songs by the Italian Giulio Caccini contrast with moving ballads such as „Fortune, my foe“. Early French chanson contain fine rhythmic nuances, and are sometimes deeply touching as in „Triste fortune“ and sometimes hilarious, as in the over-the-top drinking song „Qui veut chasser une migraine“. „Tobacco“ compares two potentially addictive habits, Love and Tobacco, and „Soldier‘s song“ of Tobias Hume is a melancholy romance about the soldiers’ life which literally rings with battle sounds. Thomas Campion contributes a song in praise of the girl who never says „No“ and Alfonson Ferrabosco a moving miniature on a text from Ben Jonson, „So beautie on the water stood“. Since the release of the CD in 2003 this program has been presented throughout Europe.


Joel Frederiksen – bass, lute and archlute
Domen Marincic – viola da gamba
Sven Schwannberger – lute, theorbo, flute

Available as a solo program with: Joel Frederiksen – bass, lute and archlute

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