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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Project Martinelli

A tribute to Baroque architect Domenico Martinelli and to the art of architecture itself featuring the music of Italian master composers as well as newly commissioned pieces (live CD and book available)

The Italian Domenico Martinelli (1650-1718) was one of the most important architects of the Baroque. His name was closely tied to the Accademia di San Luca in Rome and he was engaged by the Duke of Kaunitz and the House of Lichtenstein for the building of their residences. Important structures still stand in Vienna, Lucca and in the former Hapsburg Empire, including the Czech Republic. Music from the early Baroque master, Giulio Caccini from his collection “Le nuove musiche” begins this musical “homage” to Martinelli and architecture. Following are masterworks from composers including Stefano Landi, Andrea Falconieri and Antonio Caldara. To strengthen the connection to our time and as a tribute to creativity and “construction”, two pieces were commissioned for this program with texts which were selected and re-worked by Joel Frederiksen. The first piece, on texts published posthumously about the life of Martinelli, “Memorie della vita di Domenico Martinelli” (Lucca 1772), was composed by Willem Cuellers (Brussels). The second piece was composed by American Laurence Traiger (now living in Munich) on texts from architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Joel Frederiksen – bass, lute and archlute
N.N. – mezzo-soprano

Available as a solo program with: Joel Frederiksen – bass, lute and archlute

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