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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Christmas in the New World

Old and new melodies from America: Another view of the American Christmas tradition

In the 19th century singing schools bloomed in the US. From this developed a particular tradition—ordinary people created extraordinary music. One needs only to hear the music of Jeremiah Ingalls, William Billings, and William Walker which are preserved in the wonderful collections “The Sacred Harp” and “The Southern Harmony” to understand. The music sounds archaic, often with the melody in the tenor as it was in medieval times: A fascinating contrast to the “normal” Christmas routine!


Joel Frederiksen –bass, guitar and musical direction
Theresa Dlouhy – soprano
Kamila Mazalová -- Alto
Timothy Leigh Evans – tenor
Marion Treupel-Franck -- Flute
Domen Marincic -- Cello
Michal Gondko -- Guitar

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