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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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1621: Music of the Mayflower

Voyage of the Pilgrims to the New World

An ambitious project documenting the 1621 voyage of the Mayflower from the flight of the English Pilgrims to Holland and eventually to America in music. It involves 8 musicians from Ensemble Phoenix Munich and Native Americans. Next year, 2012, celebrates the 400 year anniversary of the publication of the Henry Ainsworth Psalter (1612), a book of music dear to the Pilgrims and that traveled with them across the ocean. The program includes music from this Psalter, traces the tunes to their sources (often secular), and presents other music that would have surrounded the Pilgrims in England and Holland. Native American music completes the picture culturally, spiritually and musically that these religious exiles experienced in the land of hope: America.


Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Michaela Riener, Soprano
Petra Noskaiová, Mezzo-Soprano
Tim Leigh Evans, Tenor, Percussion
Joel Frederiksen, Bass, Lutes, Musical Direction

Kumiko Yamauchi, Violin
Andreas Haas, Flute
Domen Marincic, Viola da gamba, Virginal
Jan Cizmar / Axel Wolf, Lute, Cittern

Native American Ensemble

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