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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Masters of Song: John Dowland and Franz Schubert

Renaissance meets Romantic 

Two great masters of Art Song from different ages and lands. John Dowland, the English lute song composer of the Elizabethan Age, represents a pinnacle in the art of song. Dowland was a lute player and wrote melodies with rich polyphonic accompaniment like Flow my Teares or I saw my lady weepe, both marked by English Renaissance-Melancholy. 200 years later Franz Schubert wrote songs (Lieder) for guitar, an instrument that he played himself. The verses are expressive and also full of deep melancholy (Sehnsucht). Three songs which Schubert set on Shakespeare texts and An die Laute (To the lute) form a musical bridge between the two composers. Der Tod und das Mädchen and the famous Erlkönig are sung in dialogue, and all are accompanied by romantic guitar and cello. The legendary soprano of Dame Emma Kirkby and rich bass of Joel Frederiksen meet vibrantly in this unique program.


Joel Frederiksen - Bass, Lute
Emma Kirkby - Soprano
Michal Gondko - Lute, Romantic Guitar
Domen Marincic - Viola da gamba, Cello