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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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Oswald von Wolkenstein: Reflexionen - Reflections

Songs by Oswald von Wolkenstein and Improvisation on his Works. Oswald von Wolkenstein was a knight, politician and diplomat and is known as a composer of German songs of the late Middle Ages--and thanks to his biography he is one of its best documented personalities! In addition to his songs we have many documents about his life and political activities. This program presents music by Oswald von Wolkenstein in the way of historically informed performance, but also in the way of Oswald, i.e. in a free, playful and creative way. The three internationally renowned singers show their interest in modern music as well: Sabine Lutzenberger as avantgarde-singer, Bernd Oliver Fröhlich as jazz-saxophonist and Joel Frederiksen as folk-singer.


Sabine Lutzenberger - soprano

Bernd Oliver Fröhlich - tenor, saxophon

Joel Frederiksen - bass, lute