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Joel Frederiksen, Artistic Director
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CD Reviews:

Reviews of "Orpheus, I am"

Orpheus is not just a mythical figure

The proof that Orpheus lives and is not just a mythical figure from the past delivers Joel Frederiksen. The American with Danish ancestry, who is successful as a singer on the opera stage as well as in the concert hall, has at his disposal a marvelous bass voice with rich, gentle depth, considerable volume, and then also great movement. He accompanies his pleasant singing, which radiates calm, subtly and skillfully himself, much as in his time, Orpheus, but not on a Lyre, instead on an 8-course Renaissance lute. Orpheus, I am is the programmatic title of a lute song by Robert Johnson that Joel Frederiksen sonorously embodies and confidently chose for the title of his enjoyable album.

October 2004

Bayern 4, Klassik Radio

With considerable taste, Frederiksen sings songs from three nations
Joel Frederiksen must be one of the few contemporary singers able to accompany himself on the lute, as surely Renaissance musicians did. In his pleasingly resonant voice, and with his considerable taste, Frederiksen sings songs from three nations.
February 2004

The real attraction on this recording is the singing
The lute and viol playing is certainly top notch on this recording of English, French, and Italian music of the 17th century. But the real attraction on this recording is the singing. Joel Frederiksen has a lovely bass voice.

March/April 2004


Frederiksen's Vocal Nuances are Splendid

Frederiksenā€˜s vocal nuances are splendid. Orpheus, I am is well worth the hour of listening it provides. Frederiksen, with his powerful bass voice, makes a worthy Orpheus.

Autumn 2003